Send an email, smoke signals or carrier owls

I have always liked receiving mail, in absence of postal service deliveries email suffices. So if you have a question or two, a comment, a thought send me an email at I travel quite a bit, so my response may be tardy, but I would love to hear from you and will respond as soon as I am stationary long enough.

Orders, bookings and such.

Odds are I will be the one receiving all emails on all these addresses—different addresses make it easier to sort through email. I do however have people helping me from time to time, when I am traveling or engaged in other projects. So please use these addresses if you have questions on bookings of playshops, etsy and wholesale orders.

Etsy Store Orders:

Playshop & Event Bookings:

Wholesale Orders:

Social Media & Links

It seems that each project these days almost requires to have social media presence. This project has started on facebook and so it is not a stranger to the depths of social network navigation. Below are some of the networks Imperfect Geometry is on. By all means: follow, share, like, pin, read and watch. As we all know, every little bit of attention helps grow ideas into real things.

Facebook Page (lots of images from the very start of the project, hint: check out the photo albums):

Tumblr Blog (between posting new images and ideas there may be some fresh content here):