In the beginning

The story of Imperfect Geometry starts at RTV (Raise The Vibration) Reiki Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. In the fall of 2012, I was tending to the studio for my friend Nicole Duran, while she was on her Australian tour and was prepared to share some of my findings on conscious self change tools during my stay there. That did not happen. Instead, I found myself at the computer playing with simple geometric constructs, constructing more complex versions of them, and pondering how I perceive symbols in simple and complex forms. I made a few images that aided that process. The images kept pouring out of me, getting more complex as time went by and I shared just a few of them with friends. What I thought to be just aides to my thinking process was received as art and soon I was asked if there were any prints of these images that people could buy. By then I had over two hundred images to choose from, so I've selected a couple dozen images and arranged them into series. That is also when the name of this project took root. While a lot of geometric symbols and constructs that I have been working with are known as "sacred geometry" I have always thought the name rather odd, for how could one thing be less sacred than another, one construct less meaningful than another. With that in mind and knowing the perfection is a relative term I chose the name Imperfect Geometry for these images.

My good friend, Rob Craer, at Impact Printing Services has taken great care in printing the images and quite soon I had an inventory of prints, which were sold or given away to those that asked for them. All the while I was coming up with more and more intricate possibilities in combining various geometric constructs and thus creating new images. In October of 2012 I've set up a Facebook page and started uploading the images and sharing some thoughts on how I perceived these images.

Art Show In The Box

In winter of 2012-2013 a fun idea of how to share these images was born. The prints got to me from the printing shop in a box and when someone wanted to see the prints I took the box with me. As most often we met in my favorite coffee shops in Phoenix, I found myself sitting with a box planted on the table in front of me and inevitably passers-by would ask what was in the box. I told them and showed them the prints. This process reminded me of carnival shows and street performers and I have embraced it. The name Art Show In The Box was coined and the box was decorated to suit the concept. Soon I was taking the box with me everywhere and showing the prints to anyone that asked, and surprisingly selling quite a few of them.

In April of 2013, Imperfect Geometry: Art Show In The Box became a part of my Igor Goes Coastal tour of the West Coast. It travelled with me from Phoenix to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, from San Francisco to Portland, from Portland to Bellingham and finally back to Portland. Sometimes the box was closed for weeks and sometimes I showed the art to dozens of people at a time day after day. I have met many wonderful people and had quite a lot of fun with this traveling show. Almost a year later, the box itself has found its home in Portland, the ideas behind it traveled on with me back to Phoenix.

Today—Even More Fun.

In Portland, one of the images became a part of visual identity for a delightful group of people interested in connecting thinkers, doers and dreamers of the world: new72media. This group has since been helping me to develop Imperfect Geometry even further. With their advice I have developed this website to share the images and ideas with greater audience than Facebook page was reaching.

The concept has grown beyond just a few interesting images and a fun traveling show. Working with these images allowed me to delve further into geometric symbolism and prepare information that can be shared with people. I have developed three playshops, in which ideas of geometric symbolism can be explored in a fun and entertaining way. There are also more images and more fun printed products on the way.

Future Imperfect

Playing with visual geometric symbolism in Imperfect Geometry series is leading me further down the rabbit hole toward crafting three and four dimensional auditory and kinesthetic experiences grounded in these geometries. There are ideas for creation of large objects based on these geometries that will require resources, land and participation of more people.

A new kind of labyrinth construct has emerged from studying how certain geometries land themselves to patterns found in traditional labyrinth construction. This installation could be a delightful alternative to traditional labyrinth meditation walks, being constructed by finding a path within geometries and not by constructing barriers.

A wonderful application of these complex geometric patterns on large scale is also planned: some of the images contain over 20,000 objects and many intricacies are lost in smaller versions of the prints.

Finally, I am drafting and researching how to present these geometries and symbolism we have ascribed to them as a fantastic magical holographic and light experience.

About Igor

If you'd like to know about me (Igor Brezhnev), the creator of Imperfect Geometry, check out my website:

Thank you!

The sale of prints and booking playshop events allows me to continue my exploration both in the realm of Imperfect Geometry and in my other endeavors. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the show that is here and shows that are to come.

Igor Brezhnev,
 creator of Imperfect Geometry